Voodoo Doll – Random Color

This 8″ tall, stuffed cloth Voodoo Doll is endorsed by a couple of witch doctors and a guy named Doug. Use it to punish those who have forsaken you with a pin in the “Head Ache” area. With several colorful pins.
NOTE: You will receive one Voodoo Doll at this price; color will be selected randomly at time of shipment based on availability. Orders of multiple units will receive multiple colors. Collect all four!
Order a specific color by searching for the following Items:
Voodoo Doll – Red
Voodoo Doll – Orange
Voodoo Doll – Blue
Voodoo Doll – Purple

Voodoo Doll - Random Color

What the reviewers say

funny novelty item

This is a funny novelty item that will be great for gift giving for the difficult to buy for friends/co-workers/family who have halloween birthdays etc. I am sorry that amazon is selling these much more expensive than what I just located on ebay the same item sold new in lots of 6 with a $6.99 shipping TOTAL. This merchant wants $5.00 on EACH doll that weighs only 3 ounces.which is very expensive for a novelty toy item. Although this will make a great gift you can find the very same item on ebay or bizrate much cheaper sold in lots. ( the “magic pins ” are simple sewing pins found at any store ) This measures 5 inches in length made from cotton and cotton batting and appox 3 inches shoulder to shoulder.

More Product Details

Amazon price: $4.49
Brand: Noveltees Company
Model: JN112
Rating: 4.7 / 7 (7 reviews)

More product information: Voodoo Doll – Random Color

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