The Alphabet Of Manliness (revised)

Finally, a book that guarantees your balls will be stomped; a book so manly that it will make even the burliest of men (and in some cases, the burliest of women) feel inadequate. So manly, it needs to be shaved: “The Alphabet of Manliness”. This collection of sacred writings may very well be the greatest compilation of all things manly throughout history. This book is only for the saltiest, hairiest, most rugged son of a bitch out there. However, it would be selfish to keep it for myself, so feel free to buy a copy. This humble tome of wisdom is a tribute to all men who toil away at work every day, getting their balls busted, or busting balls. If you can’t handle the punch to the colon I’m about to deliver to you, look on the bright side: you’ll save a fortune on Halloween when kids come to your door to pick apart your candy ass. On the other hand, if you feel comfortable with the risk of having your ass neatly packaged and handed to you with all the trimmings, cut the foreplay and crack the book open already.

The Alphabet Of Manliness (revised)

What the reviewers say

Amazon reports that this book will be the only one not rated with stars.

I have to be honest, here. I’ve read Maddox’s website for years, and have long respected him for not giving in to the temptation to make money from his site with pop-ups, banners, etc. My sole purpose for having purchased this book was to support him financially for the years of entertainment he has provided millions for free.

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Amazon price: $5.98
Manufacturer: Citadel
Rating: 4.4 / 275 (275 reviews)

More information: The Alphabet Of Manliness (revised)
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