Stolzle Bierstiefel One Liter Glass Beer Boot

For the perfect individual-use beer boot, choose these glass boots from Stoltze, an internationally recognized name in glassware. A humorous prank, the boots form a vacuum bubble at the end of the glass unless tilted properly. The result is a splash of beer to the face at the end of the beverage for unwary guests. Fabricated from thick machine pressed glass, they are the perfect size to carry with you at parties and are more durable than their mouth-blown counterparts. Unlike many of the knock-offs available, these are true European glass beer boots made for drinking.

Stolzle Bierstiefel One Liter Glass Beer Boot

What the reviewers say

It’s a beer boot!

Got this for Christmas for my brother-in-law and me. I’m glad I went for the 1 liter version because it’s hard enough! Made the in-law puke on the last sip lol… I held it down fine — it’s a great challenge.

More Product Details

Amazon price: $21.99
Brand: Stolzle
Model: 09735-80
Rating: 4.6 / 17 (17 reviews)

More information: Stolzle Bierstiefel One Liter Glass Beer Boot

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