SPORTSSTUFF 54-1920A Cabana Islander

The Cabana Islander Lounge assures you and your friends a fun and relaxing summer. With room for 6 and tons of features, this one-of-a-kind inflatable is perfect for entertaining on and off the water!

SPORTSSTUFF 54-1920A Cabana Islander

What the reviewers say

Sportsstuff Cabana Islander

WE got this last year for our neighborhood lake. We have no regrets. In fact, we even bought a few tubes to drag with a rope behind our Cabana and make it into one big party with our friends and family. Whenever people see us with it they ask where we got it from. You can only fit about 4 people on their comfortably (normal size humans). The hole in the middle is awesome for dipping in and out. I highly recommend this product if you love water like me. My uncle even told us we should charter out families to make money..LOL

More Product Details

Amazon price: $315.00
Brand: SportsStuff
Manufacturer: Sportsstuff
Model: 541920
Rating: 4.4 / 11 (11 reviews)

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