Smoking Mittens

Don’t be left out in the cold anymore! Just grab a pair of these super warm, super comfy Smoking Mittens! Smoking Mittens allow you to still properly hold your cigarette while keeping your hands warm because one of the mittens in each pair has a grometted hole in it, just the right size for a cigarette to poke through. Smoking Mittens are one size fits all, unisex, and reversible for right or left handed smoking!

Smoking Mittens

What the reviewers say

take that, gloves!

I used to look like such an idiot using gloves to keep my hands warm whenever I went out for a smoke. Those days are over, though, because I can do smoke in style with these dapper sons o bitches. My only complaint is that now the ladies can’t seem to get their hands off of me!

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Amazon price: $15.00
Brand: Suck UK
Manufacturer: SuckUK
Rating: 3.8 / 12 (12 reviews)

Product page: Smoking Mittens

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