Shark Attack Mug

Drinking coffee used to be so safe. The only thing you really had to look out for was burning your lips. Alas, now the danger level has been increased tenfold. There’s a great white shark on the loose in the kitchen. We think it’s . . . oh no. Did you hear that? Nervously we take a sip from our coffee, as we search for the source of the noise. Then another sip. And that’s when we see the shark. IT’S IN THE MUG!!!! It’s in our Shark Attack Mug, that is. Each Shark Attack Mug appears to be a very basic looking white porcelain mug. But inside, hides (when covered in dark liquid) the head of a great white shark attacking upwards. The Shark Attack Mug is a great way to scare your friends and/or coworkers. It’s also a great way to help you wake yourself up. Think about it: barely awake, you begin sipping your coffee. You’re too tired to remember what mug you are using and . . . SHARK ATTACK! Your heart is now racing, all thanks to coffee and your Shark Attack Mug.

Shark Attack Mug

What the reviewers say

broke in less than a week

The mug great for the first week. I put it into the dishwasher and the shark broke off. I’m sure it can be repaired with some glue, but it was pretty disappointing to have it break so soon. Also, the shark is hollow and was not attached to the bottom very well, so liquid would get under and inside the shark. So after drinking coffee in it and rinsing it out, coffee would leak out, meaning I would have to rinse it again, then more coffee leaks out, etc. Since I wasn’t willing to spend twenty minutes cleaning it every time, there was always some watery coffee stains in the bottom.

More Product Details

Amazon price: $6.91
Brand: ACC
Model: 12198
Rating: 4.0 / 5 (5 reviews)

More product information: Shark Attack Mug

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