Gnombie FULL SIZE Zombie Garden Gnome

…..okay here it is….our little friend’s physical specifications…at 20″ tall and 14″ wide they will tear into the kneecaps of adolescents…..made of solid cold form resin weighing 12 pounds, they can used to bludgeon even the most vigilant of Jehovah’s Witnesses…our Gnombie is ready for any environment with his individually hand painted exterior utilizing an all weather paint and a outer layer protectant that aids in providing an additional level of protection from the elements, but not from late night poachers…we are vigilant in our protection of our little friend as you should be…..and it should go without saying, in addition to their physical specifications……these are 100% evil….so need not worry about our Gnombie as you can be rest assured it is those without, who should be concerned about a late night brain feast…….

Gnombie FULL SIZE Zombie Garden Gnome

What the reviewers say

Gnombie Rocks!

Gnombie just shuffled into my yard and he’s awesome! My dogs barked at him for a good hour before they figured out he wasn’t going to get them. Great workmanship, the cloudy eyes are very realistic. Great addition to my zen garden! Wish there was a girlfriend for him.

More Product Details

Amazon price: $199.99
Manufacturer: The Dark Garden
Model: 7223011860118602
Rating: 5.0 / 3 (3 reviews)

Product listing: Gnombie FULL SIZE Zombie Garden Gnome

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