Gag Gifts – Instant Irish Accent Breath Spray

Kiss me, I’m Irish. Hours of hilarious entertainment. Impress your friends. Spearmint Flavor. .25 fl. oz./ 7.5ml

Gag Gifts - Instant Irish Accent Breath Spray

What the reviewers say

Fun at first, but now its getting old..

When it arrived I had a good laugh and I couldn’t wait to show my friends. I took a hit of the minty spray and instantly sounded like an Irishman! I laughed some more and set the spray down and went about my business around my bachelor pad. A little while later my phone rang. When I answered it, I still had an Irish accent! My mom thought I was kidding around and eventually got frustrated and hung up. When we disconnected I was baffled, yet I suddenly had an urge to dance a jig! I didn’t know what had come over me! It’s been four days now and I still have the accent. It was fun at first. I was walking into pubs and ordering pints like a true Irishman! It’s getting a little old now though. I wonder how much longer this will last? My friend’s are getting tired of me spontaneously bursting out into a jig and trying to fight people.

It’s been eight days now and my regular voice is starting to come back. The urges to dance an Irish jig have subsided a bit. Now they only occur when I drink Guinness. I’m no longer trying to fight people. I did sprout a patch of red hair on my head.

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Amazon price: $1.86
Brand: Blue Q
Model: QQ147
Rating: 3.1 / 14 (14 reviews)

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