FLIPPER – the Most Reliable and Inexpensive Toilet Seat Lifter

FLIPPER, hands-free toilet seat lifter, is here to save relationships across the globe. You never have to touch the toilet seat again-simply step on and off the pedal and the toilet seat will automatically raise and lower by itself. The principle of FLIPPER is extremely simple and straightforward. People do not want to touch unhygienic things such as waste can lids and toilet seats. As we step on a pedal to lift the waste can lid and step off to lower the lid, toilet seats can be lifted and lowered. Ladies do not have to complain about men’s forgetting to lower the toilet seats since the toilet seats will be always lowered after the business. Especially, FLIPPER is an excellent product for toddlers, senior citizens, and the handicapped. FLIPPER is the most reliable and least expensive toilet seat lifter in the market.

FLIPPER - the Most Reliable and Inexpensive Toilet Seat Lifter

What the reviewers say


The product works. With some fiddling you can adjust the tightness of the string to get the seat to stay just below vertical when you hold your foot on the pedal (while urinating), so that when you take your foot off the pedal, the seat comes down. If the string is loose, the lid does not close when you take your foot off. I learnt not to take my foot off suddenly otherwise the seat crashes down. The installation required drilling a small pilot hole for a screw under the seat. The top of the pulling system fitted nicely clamping onto the rim of the tank with no tools and without obstructing the lid closure. The instructions were not great, but adequate. For this reason I removed a star, also because the screw that the instructions said was supplied, was not.

More Product Details

Amazon price: $14.99
Brand: Flipper
Manufacturer: Dansa LLC
Model: FP01
Rating: 2.5 / 2 (2 reviews)

More about this product: FLIPPER – the Most Reliable and Inexpensive Toilet Seat Lifter

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