Billy Bob Two Front Teeth Baby Pacifier, Pink Lips

Includes pacifier.

Billy Bob Two Front Teeth Baby Pacifier, Pink Lips

What the reviewers say

Hilarious item, last reviewer is nuts

WOW! I was so shocked by the needless venom of the last reviewer that I had to address them: It is a gag gift and nothing more than that. It is not a comment on our race relations, infant humiliation or anything else so ridiculous to be tied to a just a freakin’ little pacifier. It is funny, I’ve seen it on several babies and not once did I see people hound the mother for any of the reasons you mentioned. Shame on you for making such a sweet and innocent item into some scandalized prop for infant suppression. Give me a break!

I recommend getting this for a baby shower gift, I know the gal who I saw get it was delighted by it and her son now gets a lot of giggles from strangers when they are in line at the store and he looks over his mother’s shoulder to greet the person behind them with a “big toothy grin.” For those of you out there with a sense of humor, this is a great item; for those of you without a funny bone, I am sorry for how boring and offensive everything must seem to you.

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Amazon price: $4.41
Brand: Billy Bob Teeth
Model: #90
Rating: 4.8 / 31 (31 reviews)

Product listing: Billy Bob Two Front Teeth Baby Pacifier, Pink Lips

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