Big Mouth Toys The Prescription Coffee Mug

A great gift for coffee lovers, and coffee addicts. This hilarious ceramic coffee mug looks like a perscription medicine bottle, and the label is filled with hilarious puns about coffee.

Big Mouth Toys The Prescription Coffee Mug

What the reviewers say

Prescription Coffee Mug

The mug is fun to look at, but the quality isn’t what I expected. It’s very light and seems delicate. It’s also small for a 12 oz. mug. Also, the box doesn’t say anything about dishwasher/microwave safety…so I’m not sure about that. It’s cute, but I don’t know how practical it is.

More Product Details

Amazon price: $8.87
Brand: Big Mouth Toys
Manufacturer: Outrageous Ventures, Inc
Rating: 4.4 / 109 (109 reviews)

More information: Big Mouth Toys The Prescription Coffee Mug

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