Big Mouth Toys The Gun Mug

Stop or Ill shoot This gun shaped coffee mug will have you feeling like a real Dirty Harry. Holds up to 12 -ounces of your favorite hot beverage.

Big Mouth Toys The Gun Mug

What the reviewers say

This thing is horrible.

I bought this thing as a Christmas present and it’s junk. Obviously I knew that I wouldn’t be receiving an extremely high quality product. After all, it’s cheap and with stuff like this you often get what you pay for. But I didn’t expect for it to be this bad. The gun looks like it’s about to break off and the paint is wearing off as well. Brand new out of the box and it looks like it’s been used for the past 10 years.

It’s junk. Don’t buy it.

More Product Details

Amazon price: $7.00
Brand: Big Mouth Toys
Model: BM1466
Rating: 4.2 / 43 (43 reviews)

More about this product: Big Mouth Toys The Gun Mug

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