Barnoculars Binocular Flask

The most classic sneaky drinking product of all time…the Barnocular Binocular Flask. The simplicity is just brilliant. This 2-chamber liquor flask disguised as binoculars holds 16oz (13 shots) of your favorite drink. It comes complete with a shoulder strap, funnel, and gift box.Just screw off the eye pieces and fill with your favorite drink…the beauty of the separate chambers is that you can bring two different drinks!

Barnoculars Binocular Flask

What the reviewers say


love these. i wear them around my neck to baseball games and concerts, no questions asked. people around me love them too. a good coversation item. just bought a pair for my aunt’s birthday.

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Amazon price: $7.22
Brand: Papa Bert
Rating: 4.4 / 5 (5 reviews)

Product listing: Barnoculars Binocular Flask

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