BARFume Puke Spray

After much research and development, the ASSmen bring you BARFume – puke smell in a bottle. Remember back when someone tossed their cookies in the hallway at school (and they put that granular stuff on it)? BARFume will let you relive those days of yore when you and your schoolmates had split into either side of the hall to avoid the vomit mess while trying to hurriedly move through the uvula-tickling upchuck smell. You can relive those days with a quick dash of BARFume. Better yet, let your coworkers and friends relive those school days while you sit back and laugh.

BARFume Puke Spray

What the reviewers say

One sniff and you are likely to create your own barfume

I’ll tell you what, this stuff lives up to the standards set by the company’s own ‘Liquid Ass’ spray. This puke in a bottle is so wretched (eg. realistic) that upon merely sniffing the cap I was almost induced to ejecting my very own Barfume from within. It’s got that rancid, acidic smell that will leave little doubt for your victims that someone has blown moldy chunks within their immediate vicinity.

If you’re a fan of ‘Liquid Ass’ or just pranks in general, you must add this to your collection of goodies. Even if not, this stuff would make a great gag gift. Ha, get it? Gag gift…


More Product Details

Amazon price: $5.20
Brand: liquid ass
Manufacturer: Liquid Ass
Model: MAK-P7421
Rating: 4.8 / 9 (9 reviews)

Product page: BARFume Puke Spray

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