Accoutrements Stress Cupcake

Not long ago, people used to squeeze real cupcakes in times of stress or tension. It was a messy and costly affair as many high-ranking officials and upper management types could easily squeeze a dozen cupcakes before lunch. But times have changed and now savvy business people rely on one of these Stress Cupcakes to help them through a trying day. Each cupcake is 3-1/4″ (8.3 cm) tall and made of soft foam rubber. Net bag with illustrated header.

Accoutrements Stress Cupcake

What the reviewers say


I love this cupcake. I leave it on my office desk and squeeze whenever I feel the need. It’s quite cute, I get a lot of compliments on it! Awesome stress ball!

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Amazon price: $3.30
Brand: Accoutrements
Model: 12021-B
Rating: 4.3 / 16 (16 reviews)

Product page: Accoutrements Stress Cupcake

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