Accoutrement Mustache Bandages

That’s not a scratch, that’s Mr. Elbow! Turn any minor injury into a jovial personified body part with these Mustache Bandages. Each 3-3/4″ (9.5 cm) tall metal pocket tin contains fifteen 3″ x 1″ (7.6 cm x 2.5 cm) latex-free adhesive bandages with sterile gauze and a FREE PRIZE to take your mind off of the excruciating pain. Four different styles in each tin.

Accoutrement Mustache Bandages

What the reviewers say

z’man cheirusainu

I picked these up on an impulse, tired of sporting Dora and Strawberry Shortcake bandages over my manly shaving-related mutilations. Just an impulse, good for a few chuckles, but I’m glad I did.

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Amazon price: $2.00
Brand: Accoutrements
Model: 12137
Rating: 4.3 / 150 (150 reviews)

More product information: Accoutrement Mustache Bandages

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